Faerie Tale: Part Three

There was nowhere to go. She pressed her legs against the door with what little strength she had left, fear and adrenaline robbing her of most of it.


Great, the man thing wanted to talk some more.

   “Hello, Evelyn?” Asked a voice. It was close, very close. It wasn’t the man thing, it was a quiet voice, a strong voice.

   “Hello?” she half sobbed thinking she was going insane.

   “Up here Evelyn, in the mirror,” said the voice. She looked up at the bathroom mirror to see the face she had glimpsed earlier. A handsome young man with messy autumn coloured hair and flashing eyes. His skin was flawless, there was not a mark upon it. He smiled. “That’s it, now Evelyn I want you to listen to me very closely, there isn’t much time. This is going to sound very strange but the things outside that door are very real and very dangerous.” His voice was slightly accented and very pleasant, she could listen to it all day and… “Evelyn! Listen!” her eyes snapped back to the mirror, a worried expression upon the mans face. “I’m a Fay, Evelyn, one of the Folk. Evelyn they want to kill you,” she whimpered. She knew, her instinct told her as much, but hearing it out loud made it so much more real, “hush child I wont allow it.”

   “W..why me?” she choked.

   “There’s no time,” breathed the Fay. Her eyes darted to the door as the sound of splintering wood came form the other room. They were into her bedroom. “Evelyn I can save you but I need you to trust me. Evelyn look at me,” he continued, “I need you to be brave. I need you to be so very brave for me, just for a moment. Can you do that for me?” he asked gently, ignoring the sounds from the other room and keeping his eyes on hers. She nodded mutely. “I need you to stand up,” he said. She flinched at the notion as the sound of booted feet came closer. “I need you to stand up,” he repeated, “stand up and touch the mirror. I need you to let me in.” Stand up she told her body, stand up! “I can’t help you from behind here, you must let me in,” he repeated. The wolf was now sniffing around the bathroom door. “Be brave Evelyn,” smiled the Fay. Breathing slowly she gathered her strength and began to rise on uneasy legs. Such a simple task yet she had never done anything so difficult. She stumbled and fell against the sink. Gripping with both hands she hauled herself back up. The man thing began to slam itself into the door. “Place your hand on the glass and I will come through and save you,” he promised, “quickly now, they are almost through.” She slapped her palm against the mirror and felt a jolt run up her arm. “Such a good girl, brave girl,” he soothed. She found his eyes but something in them made her stomach turn, she tried to pull her hand back but it wouldn’t move.

   “What, help me, please help me,” she begged as she tried to pull away from the amber eyed Fay.

   “I am helping you little Evelyn. It will be over soon. Hush now, don’t weep,” he said with a smile. The door cracked, the man things club breaking through. Gnarled fingers began pulling the door to pieces with incredible strength. The wolf darted into the small room and knocked her from her feet. It was massive, the weight of it effortlessly pinning her to the floor. It clamped its stinking jaws around her small throat, not biting but holding her in place. The beast slowly applied pressure, her breath coming in gasps. The man thing stepped into the room and pulled a rusted knife from its belt.

   “Lets see what shade ya bleed,” it laughed stepping on her wrist. It dug the tip of the blade into her arm, it didn’t feel so bad she thought. Like injections at school. It pulled the knife up her forearm and it felt as though fire followed. She didn’t want to, her mind begged her not to but her body screamed in pain. It stepped over to her other arm and repeated the procedure. She found this time the pain was curiously distant. It was as if she were watching it happen to someone else. The wolf removed its jaws from her throat but kept her pinned with its paws. It looked at the man thing and then to the mirror expectantly. “Yeah, yeah, I’m gettin’ to it,” the thing grumbled

   “I should hope so,” said the quiet Fay. The Fay, he will save me she thought through the fog of her mind. “Let me in Redcap,” it ordered.

   “’Course m’lord,” bowed the Redcap. It placed a filthy hand into the pool of her blood and placed it on the bathroom mirror. How dare he, that was hers! He should give it back at once. The mirror flashed and there perched upon the bathroom sink like a bird was the red haired Fay. He was perfect, looking down at her with those bright eyes. If she could just touch him she knew everything would be alright. Hopping lightly down into the over crowded bathroom he knelt by her side.

   “Brave Evelyn,” he whispered and her heart soared, “you have something that does not belong to you,” his voice became cold. “Something that does not belong to your mongrel race,” he places a hand upon her chest, his touch was like a warm breeze. “But yours, yours is quite different. Quite special, but it was stolen long ago and it does not belong to you,” his hand grew warm, her skin began to blister at his touch but she felt no pain, she didn’t feel much of anything. The hand slipped inside her, stopping in the space just below her heart. A look of confusion crossed his perfect features.

   “Have I done something wrong?” she asked anxiously.

   “It isn’t her,” he said.

   “Has to be,” the Redcap replied, “the Oracle said it were.”

   “Then the Oracle lied,” growled the Fay. He looked to the wolf, “Go back and wait for me, do not let that hag out of your sight,” the wolf padded away without hesitation. Evelyn breathed a deep breath.

   “What ‘bout that one?” the Redcap asked. The Fay looked at Evelyn as if he saw her for the first time, as if he saw something dirty. He opened his mouth to speak but after a small moment he said nothing and turned to the mirror. There was a flash and all she could see was his receding back.

   “She is useless,” The mirror echoed, “you may have her but leave no trace.” The Redcap leered down at her and pulled the crusted cap from its head.

   “Time to wet me cap,” it grinned.

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