Child of Stone.

The Stone had been moved. Not recently of course, no it hadn’t moved in centuries, but it had been hidden. He had fought many trials to claim the stone, he had lost many brothers. The homeland was no longer safe so it had been brought across the narrow sea to the lowland. He had stood guard over it ever since, forsaking family and friend for this task, separating himself from his home. He sat at the back of the room happily unnoticed, as always. The humans came and went without ever truly knowing what they were looking at. A curious stone in a rusted cage. They had not the wit to see the truth at the end of their nose. He had once thought these shallow creatures had so much potential, how wrong he had been. The days had flowed swiftly into years unnumbered, the fields and forests outside had given way to cities of stone and glass, constructs of steel and light. And still he waited. He ran a hand over his beard and cast an eye to the window. The twins were late today.


The earth was hushed, much quieter than usual. The pleasant hum of life seemed to flit and ebb, perhaps the time was at hand. A frost coated the base of the stone, unusual. He knuckled the socket of his missing eye and smiled, the lowlanders were about to get a lesson in the old ways of the world, ways they had forgotten in their folly. His watch had come to its end, a watch begun for the protection of family and the simple peoples. This was how it was to be remembered, something selfless and worthy of legend. The truth was nothing kept an eternity warmer than the fires of revenge. The egg would soon hatch and the world would quake. He had made a vow to rid the world of them and Odin Alfadir was a man of his word.

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