A Door For A Home: Part Five

Digit laughed as he swung from a wire in the ceiling.

“I thought you said we were alone Bola,” Amanita said icily. The big pixie seemed to cower away from her.

“I dint see nuthin’,” he complained.

“Oooh Bolas gonna get etted,” Digit sang. She buzzed her wings angrily.

“Quiet the pair of you.” She looked down the hallway at the voice, it was a little pixie girl and a scruffy pixie boy with a hedgepig. Just once Amanita thought, it would be nice if things went smoothly. No mess, no fuss and no one getting eaten. She let out a long breath and sized up the newcomers. The girl had a rather ugly sweater and looked so outraged it was almost cute. The scruffy one looked like a right vagabond, one step away from being a tramp. Neither had weapons and the hedgepig looked scared half to death. Her crew had nothing to worry about with this lot. Behind her Corvix bristled with the thought of food. She patted him reassuringly, all in good time. She raised her voice enough for the newcomers to hear.

“Well lads, it seems we have interrupted two young lovers and their pet pincushion,” Digit and Bola laughed heartily as the newcomers blushed furiously, all trace of outrage gone.

“We are not,” the girl shouted.

“You have to be joking,” He stammered

“I would never-”

“Never in a million years-”

“Absolutely not-”

“Utterly unthinkable,” the boy finished, the hedgepigs eyes followed back and forth.

“Yes well,-” Amanita called, “whatever this is or isn’t I do suggest that you move it along before matters become…unpleasant.” The boy leaned in and whispered something, Digits ears twitched.

“Oi Boss, he’s just said they should get their stuff and make a run for it,” he flipped nimbly to the floor, “they got loot stashed someplace,” he smiled greedily. Well now, perhaps these young ones had beaten them to the punch and gotten here first. Amanita grinned, there was nothing quite like stealing someone else’s loot. The boy was trying to pull the girl away, he at least seemed to understand their situation. The girl refused however

“Leave this place,” she demanded again, “or else.” The boys face went white, so he wasn’t completely without wits. “This is my home,” she continued, “and I won’t let you destroy it, I wont let you,” the crow cawed and Digit and Bola fell about laughing. Amanita held up a hand and they all fell silent. She stepped forward taking another look at the two pixies, then at the hallway about her, at the bookshelves and the pictures on the wall, the work displays. It seemed very important to the girl. She smiled slowly, an idea forming, unfolding in her mind. Such a wicked idea.

“You interrupt our raiding, you make demands of us and whisper about hidden loot. Then you threaten us and you tell me I can’t do something.” Amanita knelt down and ripped a page from one of the books strewn on the floor. She did it slowly, watching the girls face. It went from the haughty outrage to red faced anger all the way to cold fury. This one had a soft spot for books, oh, this was going to be so much more fun then simply raiding the place. Amanita raised her hand slowly, Bola and Digit hopped into the air, wicked grins on their faces.

“On your marks,” Bola said.

“Get set,” sang Digit. Amanitas hand came down.


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