Of Duty and Curiosity.
An afternoon spent in the garden. 

Red Leg Ronnie.
The birth of a pirate.

Death and the Driver.
One was searching, the other was found.

A Question Asked.
Deals with the Devil. 

The Cautionary Tale of Rag Arse and Judy.
Narrative poem.

The Dames Tale.
What would you do to correct a mistake?
Part Two , Part Three , Part Four

Faerie Tale.
Not your normal bedtime story. 
Part Two , Part Three

Child of Stone.
The new world is about to learn an old lesson. 

It’s witchcraft.
Part Two , Part Three

We don’t get to choose.

Mr Rowe’s Demon: An Excerpt.
A quick look at life with a demon.

Keeping up appearances.

Fiend, Interrupted.
Not a typical play date.

Nothing but time.